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Explore how our products and custom thermal solutions have revolutionized industries for over 20 years.

M3D M4D and M5D thermal imaging cameras


Thermal Aerial Defense Imaging Solutions

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M9 Ultra Long Range Thermal Solution For Military

SPI Corp

Discover the diverse array of sectors invigorated by our thermal solutions.

Advanced research, Police, public safety and much more.

M7D Ultra long range thermal imaging gimbal camera for UAV, UAS
Global Falcon Multi Sensor EOIR Gyro Stabilized multi Axis Air/Sea/Land Thermal imaging FLIR / HD long range Zoom gimbal Turret

Browse Our Large Selection of Gyro Stabilized Thermal Gimbal Cameras

The epitome of stability and precision with our extensive range of gyro-stabilized thermal gimbal cameras, meticulously engineered to capture the most intricate details even in the most challenging conditions.

M2D Micro Gimbal Thermal Imaging Gyro Stabilized

M2D Mini Gyro Stabilized Thermal Gimbal Camera

FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.
SWAP Certified
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M2D V3 Thermal Imaging Gimbal Gyro Stabilized Drone Camera

M2D V3 Thermal Imaging Gimbal Camera

FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.
SWAP Certified
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M2D V4 EO/Ir Thermal UAV, UAS, Drone Gimbal

M2D V4 Mini Gyro Stabilized Thermal Gimbal Camera

360 Pan Tilit FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.
SWAP Certified
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M2D V4V Long Range 80x zoom thermal imaging

M2D V4V Long Range Thermal Imaging Gimbal

IR and LONG RANGE 80x Telephoto EO Zoom Channel
SWAP Certified
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M2D V4D Long Range thermal imaging gimbal

M2-D v4D Long Range Continuous Zoom Thermal Gimbal *80x IR/EO Zoom

One of our longest IR channel zoom ranges but not the farthest
SWAP Certified
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M2D V6 Thermal Imaging Gimbal for drones and UAV

M2D V6 HD Ultra Light Thermal Imaging Gimbal

Available with Infrared or Visible 0.5 mRAD Laser
SWAP Certified
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M7D Ultra long range thermal imaging gimbal camera for UAV, UAS

M7D Ultra Long Range Thermal Imaging Gimbal

Long range cooled MWIR EOIR zoom HD Gyrostabilized Multi Axis Thermal Imaging  FLIR Gimbal with Laser and LRF Rangefinder for UAS UAV Drones
SWAP Certified
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M3D M4D and M5D thermal imaging cameras

Inquire For Custom Thermal Imaging Solutions Like Our M4D, M5D and Other Cameras

We have 20+ years of experience working with government defense companies to provide custom integrated solutions.
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Our Custom Long Range Thermal Imaging Gimbals Have Unbeatable Range

>10kmVehicle Detection (Thermal Channel)
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Many of our long range thermal PTZ Gimbals have over ten kilometers of vehicle detection range. Paired with the smooth and steady stabilization these gimbals are necessary for your eye in the sky.

A thermal gimbal system with a ten-kilometer vehicle identification range is a significant asset for military operations, offering unparalleled advantages for both day and night missions.

This thermal imaging technology enables the detection and identification of heat signatures from vehicles, providing critical intelligence to troops regardless of visibility conditions. In low light, fog, smoke, or other adverse conditions that can hinder standard optical systems, this thermal gimbal maintains its effectiveness, thereby ensuring consistent and reliable ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) capabilities.

With a ten-kilometer range, this gimbal system allows for expansive Battlespace Awareness (BA). The detection of potential threats at this distance provides ample time for decision making and the execution of tactical responses, enhancing the safety and efficiency of military operations.

Moreover, the thermal gimbal offers a unique advantage in covert operations. By detecting heat signatures without the need for visible light, it reduces the risk of revealing the troops’ positions with active illumination sources. This can be crucial in maintaining stealth during night operations or when operating in enemy territory.

On a strategic level, this system can significantly contribute to the planning and execution of military operations. A thermal gimbal with such a substantial range can provide real-time, accurate information for the Common Operational Picture (COP). This enables effective coordination among various units and supports precise decision making, ultimately enhancing the overall success of military operations.

>8kmHuman Detection (Thermal Channel)
8km Range Info

This gimbal system introduces the potential for a truly persistent surveillance solution. Troops in a variety of operations, from patrols to covert surveillance missions, can maintain an extended security perimeter and an increased understanding of the operational environment. Potential threats can be recognized and mitigated long before they enter the critical engagement zones, effectively improving the troops’ safety.

Additionally, this extensive detection range can redefine the approach towards High-Value Target (HVT) tracking and neutralization missions. The ability to confirm the presence of a target from eight kilometers away can provide a more secure operational environment for Special Operations Forces (SOF) and reduce collateral damage.

Beyond immediate battlefield implications, this gimbal system also enhances larger-scale operational planning. Commanders can utilize these extended detection capabilities for the creation of comprehensive and accurate Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT). The collected data can significantly improve the quality of intelligence reports, feeding into the planning and execution of various military operations.

Moreover, humanitarian assistance and disaster response efforts can also greatly benefit from this technology. With an eight-kilometer human detection range, the gimbal can help in locating survivors in large-scale natural disasters or in conflict zones, accelerating the response times of aid delivery and evacuation efforts.

In sum, this advanced gimbal system isn’t merely a tool for direct combat operations, it also presents transformative possibilities across a range of non-combat military operations, fundamentally redefining the scope and scale of mission capabilities.

>40kmVehicle Detection (Visible Channel)
40km Range Info

Picture it:

A hostile force is massing for an offensive in a remote region, with armored vehicles, supply trucks, and personnel carriers preparing at an assembly area, approximately 35 kilometers away from a Forward Operating Base (FOB).

Equipped with the advanced gimbal system, the FOB’s UAV operator launches a reconnaissance drone. The gimbal system immediately goes to work, scanning the surroundings with its impressive 40-kilometer detection range. While enemy radar systems might detect the drone, its altitude and distance keep it safe from most conventional anti-aircraft weapons.

As the drone relays real-time data back to the FOB, commanders on the ground get a clear picture of the enemy’s composition, disposition, and intent. They see the enemy’s preparations, the types and numbers of vehicles being used, and even the likely avenues of approach the enemy will use for their attack.

Given this valuable intelligence, the FOB commander has several options. They could preemptively strike the enemy assembly area with long-range artillery or air support, disrupting the enemy’s plans and causing confusion. Alternatively, they could reposition their defenses to best counter the anticipated assault, lay traps and ambushes along the enemy’s likely routes, and call in reinforcements to bolster their numbers.

After the initial engagement, the drone, still equipped with the gimbal system, continues to provide real-time updates about the enemy’s movements and reaction. This allows the FOB commander to adjust tactics and strategies on the fly, adapting to the enemy’s actions and maintaining the upper hand throughout the conflict.

>10kmHuman Detection (Visible Channel)
10km Range Info

A Gimbal with vehicle identification capabilities at ten kilometers distance represents a truly formidable asset in modern warfare. This capability, which significantly outstrips the range of many current UAVs, would provide forces with a considerable tactical advantage on the battlefield.

A ten-kilometer vehicle identification range allows for early threat detection and acquisition, enhancing decision-making time and offering the potential to engage or disengage at will.

This drone gimbal could operate as a high-altitude, long-range ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) platform, effectively providing over-the-horizon targeting for artillery, air assets, or even naval fire support if in littoral or coastal environments.

This extends your Battlespace Awareness (BA) and enhances Command and Control (C2), providing crucial information to your Common Operational Picture (COP).

Moreover, with such a gimbal in your arsenal, your forward deployed units would have a ‘guardian angel’ in the sky, a platform capable of providing early warning and potentially even direct-fire support if equipped with Precision-Guided Munitions (PGMs).

The strategic implications of a ten-kilometer vehicle identification range are far-reaching. It would grant a unique ability to shape the battlefield in ways that were previously impossible, providing an unprecedented level of situational awareness and force protection.

In the wider context, this could have significant effects on Force Projection (FP), Military Engagement, Security Cooperation, and Deterrence (MESCD), effectively allowing your forces to punch above their weight and exert influence at the strategic level.

Many of our long range thermal PTZ Gimbals have over ten kilometers of vehicle detection range. Paired with the smooth and steady stabilization these gimbals are necessary for your eye in the sky.

Explore Our Selection of Ultra Long Range PTZ Thermal Imaging SolutionsMulti spectral long range zoom FLIR Cameras
Long Range PTZ THermal Camera Options at SPI
SPI offers cost-effective, long-range, electro-optical, visual and thermal imaging FLIR PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom sensors, optics and gimbals that can be completely custom-built to exceed your expectations. Options include but are not limited to:
Ultra Long-Range Fast, Coated, hardened Zoom telephoto thermal imaging Germanium Lenses
SD, HD High Definition microbolometer, HOT MCT, InSb ultra sensitive thermal FLIR IR Cameras
Robust Multi axis 360 degree Gyro Stabilized Pan & Tilt gimbals
Gyro stabilized micro mini named and unmanned drone thermal camera turret balls
SD and HD long range low light visible CMOS color EO continuous zoom cameras
Long Range LRF Laser Range Finders exceeding 20 kilometer
Long Range IR Infrared Laser Pointers/illuminators/designators Exceeding 10 mile distances
Long range Cooled MWIR and UnCooled LWIR Thermal imaging FLIR Cameras

Long Range Thermal FLIR PTZ Camera Solutions

Our Long Range PTZ Thermal Solutions

The M5 multi sensor PTZ imaging system is rugged, all weather simple to use day/night imaging system. High grade Advanced Sensors and optics can be integrated to match your application.

M5 Long Range Thermal FLIR Camera

Defense and Security

Multi-sensor PTZ thermal camera

The M7 Falcon is a high performance Long range thermal imaging flir PTZ camera
That packs Advanced multi EO/IR sensors for exceptional day & night vision capabilities

The M7 Falcon Long Range PTZ FLIR

Security and Surveillance

Advanced thermal imaging

M9 Cooled MWIR PTZ Ultra Long Range

Military and Maritime

IP68+ ultra rugged MilSpec system

Long range flir camera system for ISR, security and surveillance applications

M11 Ultra Long Range Thermal Imaging FLIR

Industrial and Military

Rock steady ultra long range thermal camera

Learn More About Long Range PTZ

Long-range PTZ thermal cameras are advanced imaging systems designed for exceptional performance in industrial applications.

With their integrated pan-tilt-zoom capabilities and thermal imaging technology, these cameras offer an extended range of surveillance and detection.

They provide clear and detailed thermal imagery even at long distances, allowing for effective monitoring of large areas and precise identification of potential threats.

Whether used for perimeter security, critical infrastructure protection, or search and rescue operations, long-range PTZ thermal cameras deliver enhanced situational awareness and reliable performance in challenging environments.

vehicle, human, and missile tracking

Our Products Are Enhanced With Artificial Intelligence

Custom sensors and add-ons

we have additional sensors and add-ons to fit your needs

Military soldiers moving in on a target

Solutions For Any Situation

Our custom engineered thermal products are suitable for any situation.

Our lightweight gimbals offer phenomenal lift and endurance dynamics along with easy integration for end users, developers, integrators, UAV designers and manufacturers.

Our long range thermal cameras offer crystal clear long range thermal solutions that are fully customized to fit your mission.

Our thermal imaging products are fully universal and are all open source which ensures simple integration into any system. We offer full support for every product we produce.

See Further in Any Environment Land, Sea, or Air

From high-resolution thermal cameras to integrated systems and custom solutions, SPI Corp is dedicated to delivering unparalleled thermal imaging performance and reliability.

Our products are some of the most rugged thermal imaging systems on the market as they consistently exceed military standards for land, sea, and air.

You will not find this quality of work for our prices anywhere in the thermal imaging market. Contact us to speak with our expert engineers.

Sea thermal imaging solutions
Military thermal imaging solutions

20+ Years of Experience

SPI is a proven battle-tested, full-service imaging company with over 20 years of experience.

SPI provides the finest and most cost-effective solutions for your night vision and thermal imaging needs.

With SPI, you are purchasing more than a product, you are purchasing the wealth of knowledge, experience, and reliability that accompanies all of the SPI product lines.

Connect with the experts at SPI Corp today and discover how we can fulfill all your thermal imaging needs, whether you’re a military organization or a private party. Speak with experts below.

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