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About SPI Corp

20+ years as a leader in thermal imaging, night vision, electro-optics, lasers, and advanced imaging. High-res, long-range, reliable solutions for industry, ISR, law enforcement, border patrol, and US military.

Custom and COTS Solutions

At SPI, we offer both off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom-made high-grade long-range electro-optical imaging systems.

Rigorous Battle Testing

Our thermal FLIR imaging and night vision products have been rigorously tested in battle conditions, and we take immense pride in the quality and performance of our infrared technology.

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We are committed to providing comprehensive support and repair services for all our products, ensuring that our customers receive the utmost satisfaction and reliability.

1997, SPI Corp is founded.

SPI Corp is founded. Establishing itself as an industry-leading small business providing rapid solutions to fast-paced customer demands.

ANIR-360 Thermal Pan Tilt Solution Development.

The ANIR-360 is developed and sold to the US Army for Chem Bio detection units.

M1 Series Evolution

The M1 series multi-sensor remote positioning system is developed to meet the needs of the US Army Rapid Equipping Force and Marine Expeditionary Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Used for perimeter security and route clearance IED detection.

Handheld Thermal Imagers

SPI Hand Held Thermal Imagers become the standard component of the Joint Force IED defeat program.

Introduction of the M1-D Micro Pan Tilt Thermal Visual Imaging Platform.

The M1-D is designed as a low-cost high-performance PTZ system, bridging the gap between commercial and military customer needs.

Becomes the UAV payload of choice, used in everything from Multi Rotor systems to full-blown fixed-wing CUAVs like the Hunter.

Revolution in Thermal Weapon Scopes.

SPI introduces thermal weapon scopes, revolutionizing the commercial thermal sight market.

The scopes offer a low-cost solution for hunting and hog control.

SPI’s Continued Innovation.

SPI continues to develop new and innovative systems such as the M5, M7, M9, and M11 Long Range PTZ Cameras.

Leverages experience with imaging sensors and remote positioning technologies.

Long Range PTZ THermal Camera Options at SPI

We Custom Design Long Range PTZ Cameras

We specialize in designing custom Long Range PTZ Cameras tailored to your specific needs. Leveraging advanced technology, we create solutions that deliver high-quality, reliable imagery in diverse environments. Our cameras are the perfect blend of sophistication and user-friendly functionality.

M3D M4D and M5D thermal imaging cameras

We Have Custom Thermal Gimbal Solutions

We excel in providing bespoke thermal gimbal solutions, utilizing advanced thermal imaging technology for varied applications. Our custom designs deliver accurate, reliable results in any light or weather condition. Our solutions aim to match your unique requirements perfectly.

Advanced research and development sensors

We Have a Huge Selection of Exotic Sensors

A vast selection of sensors our solutions cater to diverse needs. Customize your PTZ or Gimbal with sensors from long-range FLIR and multi-sensor scopes to image fusion and stabilization technologies, we offer precise and reliable performance in varying conditions.

About SPI Corp and Our Custom Solutions

At SPI Corp, we pride ourselves on delivering advanced, cost-effective, long-range electro-optics. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of specialized areas:

  1. Design, customization, development, and supply of long-range thermal FLIR and multi-sensor rifle scopes, which also include used, low-cost models.
  2. Advanced practices in custom FPGA design and rapid 3D prototyping.
  3. Expertise in sensor blending and image fusion, managing up to 10 channels.
  4. Development of long-range laser cameras, HD CMOS, thermal imaging detectors, cores, and cameras.
  5. Production of long-range HD visible and thermal superzoom telephoto continuous zoom optics.
  6. Provision of MWIR ultra-extreme long-range thermal FLIR thermal infrared imaging cameras.
  7. Delivery of LWIR long-range continuous zoom uncooled thermal FLIR infrared imaging cameras.
  8. Building of CMOS night vision cameras and sensors.
  9. Proficiency in image fusion, sensor fusion, and image blending.
  10. Focus on image stabilization, utilizing gyro/mems/motors for payloads, turrets, balls, and gimbals.
  11. Crafting of LLLTV cameras and sensors, lenses/optics from visible, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR to VLWIR.
  12. Construction of color low light level night vision sensors and camera modules, cores, and engines.

We also specialize in infrared cameras for different use-cases like scientific, military, R&D, maintenance models, law enforcement, and military thermal imaging models. Furthermore, we produce thermal PTZ multi-sensor systems, both custom and COTS solutions.

Our product line also includes various night vision tools such as image intensified products, EMCCD, iccd, i2 products, ebaps isie-11 cameras, electronic digital image intensifiers, tubeless image intensifiers, and tube image intensifiers.

Additionally, we customize head-mounted, hands-free goggles, weapon sights, DVE, mobile, marine, and airborne platforms. Our product range also extends to long-range digital night vision goggles DNVG, long-range color night vision goggles, dual sensor long-range PTZ thermal imaging FLIR cameras, multi-sensor long-range PTZ thermal imaging FLIR cameras, dual sensor long-range PTZ thermal imaging FLIR/CCTV HD cameras, and Scmos and CMOS custom sensor integration and customization.

Our portfolio incorporates integrated lasers from visible to SWIR, SWIR InGaAs cameras and sensors, image stabilization, custom gimbals, payloads, turrets from 2 to 5 axes, and drone, UAV, UAS, SUAS cameras, STUAS UAV detectors, sensors, and imagers. We undertake system integration, custom electro-optics/optronics, custom design and manufacturing, kitting assemblies, and contract logistics.

We leverage cutting-edge technology such as VIS/SWIR, DNVS, DNVG, enhanced night vision, NVG, DI2, EI2, TE-Photocathode, digital UXGA low light level, 4K imaging, ultra-long-range zoom continuous, DFOV, TFOV optics, and lenses.

Lastly, we explore innovation in areas like novel digital imaging sensors, optical imaging designs, display and optics technology, augmented and mixed reality, AI and machine learning techniques, computer vision, photogrammetry, eye and head tracking, optical augmentation, optical detection systems, battlefield IR laser systems and component technologies, autonomy for unmanned aerial/ground vehicles, and novel precision targeting/tracking techniques.

SPI Corp is Based In the USA

Specifically SPI corp is located strategically in Las Vegas, NV, a designated testing area for drones by the Federal Aviation Administration The perfect location to develop prototype custom thermal imaging systems for use on UAV surveillance & drone research & applications.

We have engineers dedicated to researching & developing new & exciting thermal imaging technologies and will work with you to provide the best performing, cost effective infrared imaging tools for you to get the job done.

Can you visit our office?

Our office runs based on appointments only. We do not allow people to walk up in to our main headquarters without an appointment. If you are interested in a product or service contact us and speak to our expert engineers. If you would rather set an appointment and come discuss your needs in person please fill out our contact form.

What is our availability?

SPI is for hire on contract, part time, or full time for rapid design and prototyping. We will be there with you from initial concept and design to finished complete product ready to take to market.

Is this technology available to the public?

Most of our technology and thermal camera systems are available to the public. Even though we specialize in military and government defense and surveillance systems we also have experience creating unique products for civilian private parties. Contact Us for more information.

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