Long range flir camera system for ISR, security and surveillance applications

FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.

M11 Ultra Long Range Thermal IR Ultra Long Range Night Vision IR PTZ Camera For Border/Coastal/Shoreline and Flightline security

The M11 all weather Long range FLIR camera is an integrated multi sensor imaging system. It is a rugged, operationally qualified package with a range of sensor configurations. The M11 Long range PTZ thermal imaging FLIR camera utilizes a high-performance pan and tilt system that is ideal for day/night surveillance over long-range distances, in the harshest environmental conditions. The M11 long range FLIR camera was specifically designed to support the highest performance sensors available


Imaging and Resolution

Rock steady, jitter-free gyro stabilization.
Rugged design for mobile, fixed, mast/pole/tripod mounted applications.
Direct drive servo motors.
Payload balanced over the azimuth providing low inertia for high-speed tracking.

Zoom and Lens Features

Zoom Lenses: Continuous zoom, 100mm-1500mm F4 coated, hardened Germanium lenses.
0.006 lux 1” HD CMOS BSI Day/low light EO imaging camera.
200 or 500mm continuous zoom with high-speed auto focus.
Optional: Heat haze/wave removal & electronic image stabilization.

Target Detection and Ranging

Electronic image stabilization and turbulence mitigation.
Edge and contrast enhancement features.
Military Laser Pointer and Eye Safe Laser Range Finder features.
High resolution imaging in extreme environmental conditions.

Imaging and Sensor Features:

High-performance Pan/Tilt 360° Continuous Rotation / 90° +/-.
Long Range, High fidelity vivid color low light CMOS zoom daytime EO imager.
SD or HD InSb/HOT cooled MWIR Long range camera.
Thermal Sensor with 60hz frame rate, 640 x 512 or 1280 x 1024 HD resolution.
Motorized/Auto & Manual Focus/Gain.

Durability and Connectivity

Durability: IP68+ submersible, all-weather suitability.
Integrated system controller: controls all motion & sensors via single Ethernet connection.
Connectivity: IP-based system, Serial data and analog video outputs, integration into Ethernet, IP, or standard networks.
Various sensor options including NIR, Full Color Night Vision, SD & HD Thermal MWIR Camera Features.

Demonstration Video for the M11 Long Range PTZ FLIR Camera

Example of our M11 Long Range PTZ FLIR camera being used in a long range surveillance setting.

Optional Add-Ons For the M11 Thermal Camera

The M11 Daylight and Thermal Surveillance (P/T/Z) Multi-Sensor (cooled) MWIR 3-5um Thermal FLIR Imaging System that can be custom built and tailored to your exact requirements with rapid delivery and affordability.

  • IRF Laser Range Finder
  • Long-Range Illuminator 
  • IR (Infrared) lasers, GPS, Compass, and SWIR, NIR, and LWIR options
  •  LRF Laser Range Finder

As well as the two optional add-ons to the right. Contact us to find the perfect long range PTZ Configuration for your problem.

zenith rugged foldable tower for ptz flir cameras

Zenith Rugged Folding Tower

The Zenith is a rugged, all weather military grade tower. It is stowed at a height of 48 inches (1.2 m) and rises to a height of 33 feet in approximately two minutes. With the push of a button, the Zenith self-assembles, creating a three-sided, stable, and strong structure.

x99 ground radar system

The X99 Radar

The X99 radar is the latest upgrade to our proven heritage
of ground surveillance radar (GSR) technology and expertise. The X99 precision radar can be coupled with the M9 long-range PTZ thermal imaging EOIR multi-sensor FLIR camera system. By incorporating the X99 Radar into the M9, you gain true tracking and slew-to-cue.

Advanced Features, Configurations, Performance Specs, and Application Flexibility

Comprehensive Overview of the M11 Ultra Long Range Cooled or Uncooled Thermal Imaging System

Essential Hardware and Performance Metrics

This camera is a Thermal Imaging Camera with a Maintenance-free uncooled VOX Microbolometer FPA Focal Plane Array or cooled MWIR InSb. The resolution of the camera is either 640 x 512 or 1280 x 1024 HD. The camera supports Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) or Mid Wave Infrared wavelength with a spectral range of 3 – 5 or 7 – 14 microns. This camera also features high sensitivity of 20mK NETD.

High-Precision Optics and Superior Sensor Technology

The lens material is hardened, anti-reflective coated Germanium, with high-speed optical zoom. The lens calibration is in line with the thermal sensor, without vignetting, blooming, or distortion. The lens also includes vibration compensation. The sensor supports up to WUXGA 1920×1200 IR detector sensor type.

Robust Construction for Durability and Reliability

This camera is designed with an integral aluminum alloy housing, ensuring it’s sealed and waterproof. It is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including low and high temperatures, humidity, and seismic and impact resistance. The system is also IP68+ protected and offers an aviation waterproof connector.

Sophisticated Image Processing and Functionality

Equipped with electronic zoom up to 10x, and a variety of color styles, this camera provides detail and contrast enhancement with full auto imaging AGC contrast and brightness. Polarity is switchable between black hot and white hot. It also includes an alarm/alert system with 16 region target selection and auto hot spot scene detection.

Excellent Performance in Various Lighting Conditions

The daylight/lowlight camera offers high-resolution imaging in different fps and lighting conditions, it includes auto/manual focus mode, wide dynamic range, digital noise reduction, and image quality adjustment options. It also supports H.265/H.264 video compression and various other network functions.

Connectivity and Power Supply Details

The network interface is a RJ45. 10/100 Base-T adaptive (integrated video output and RS485 control). The camera supports various network protocols like TCP/IP, UDP, IPv4/v6; HTTP, RTP, RTSP, NFS, DHCP, NTP, SMTP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, UPNP, PPPoE, DNS, FTP. The power supply is AC/DC24V, with anti-reverse connection protection.

Armed forces in desert

United Kingdom Armed Forces, USA Military and Canadian Armed Forces

Military and Defense

Advanced Thermal Imaging Solutions

The Long Range Missile Rocket Flir Thermal Imaging Camera Tracking technology finds crucial applications in the military sector. Its advanced features and capabilities cater to various military needs, particularly in missile testing, rocket launches, and aviation safety measures.

Military and Defense

Military thermal imaging solutions
border california mexico fenced

US-Mexico, South Korea-North Korea, and US-Canada Border Security

Border Security

Range of Solutions For Border Security Around The World

With the M11’s exceptional range of up to 40 km for vehicle detection and 20 km for human detection, border patrol agencies are equipped to efficiently monitor vast stretches of national borders. Its high-resolution thermal sensor provides clear, detailed imaging regardless of weather conditions or time of day, thereby minimizing the risk of border infringements.

Border Security

Military thermal imaging solutions
OGI Thermal Imaging Tech

Industrial Thermal Solutions

Thermal Cameras With OGI

Optical Gas Imaging

The Advanced Qualitative and Quantitative OGI PTZ Thermal Imaging Optical Gas FLIR Imaging technology plays a vital role in the oil and gas sector. It enables continuous VOC gas leak detection and quantification, enhancing safety measures, and facilitating compliance with HSE and ESG regulations.

Industrial Monitoring

With Optical Gas Imaging

Military thermal imaging solutions
US Navy Ship Aerial View

24/7 Rugged Surveillance

Thermal Maritime Solutions

With advanced salt-spray protection

The M11’s sophisticated thermal imaging capabilities and gyro-stabilization features make it a reliable solution for coastal surveillance operations. It’s capable of detecting small watercraft even in challenging sea conditions, assisting in the prevention of illegal activities along coastlines.

The M11’s integrated wipers further ensure clear vision in challenging maritime conditions. These features, coupled with the optional X99 Radar add-on, contribute to enhanced maritime security, situational awareness, and response capabilities in a wide range of maritime operations.

Maritime Solutions

Military thermal imaging solutions
Drugs hidden in vehicle compartments

Law Enforcement, Advanced Aerial, Critical Infrastructure, and Other Thermal Solutions

Learn More

SPI Corp

Other Long Range Thermal IR Cameras

The M5 multi sensor PTZ imaging system is rugged, all weather simple to use day/night imaging system. High grade Advanced Sensors and optics can be integrated to match your application.

The M5 Long Range PTZ FLIR Thermal Camera

The M5 Long Range PTZ Thermal Camera is a high-performance, long-range FLIR PTZ camera that offers advanced thermal imaging.
SWAP Certified
The M7 Falcon is a high performance Long range thermal imaging flir PTZ camera That packs Advanced multi EO/IR sensors for exceptional day & night vision capabilities

The M7 Falcon Long Range PTZ FLIR Thermal Camera

IP68+ ultra rugged all weather MilSpec system
The M7 Falcon is a high-performance, long-range FLIR PTZ camera that offers advanced thermal imaging.
SWAP Certified
M9 Cooled MWIR PTZ Ultra Long Range and Rugged Thermal Camera Pan Tilt Zoom Multi Sensor

M9 Cooled or Uncooled MWIR PTZ Ultra Long Range and Rugged Thermal Camera Pan Tilt Zoom Multi Sensor

IP68+ ultra rugged all weather MilSpec system
*Variety of user C2 control interfaces, VMS, IP, FiberRock steady, jitter free gyro stabilization
SWAP Certified

Highlighting the Importance of Drones in the Russia and Ukraine Conflict

An incident that recently unfolded in the protracted Ukraine-Russia conflict involving thermal imaging drones underlined the pivotal role thermal drones are playing in this digital-age warfare. Capturing headlines around the world, a video was released showcasing the Ukrainian forces making an impressive use of thermal imaging drones, ultimately turning the tide of a potentially compromising…

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Additional Specs and Datasheets for the M9 Ultra Long Range Cooled Thermal Imaging Solution

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