M2D V4V Long Range 80x zoom thermal imaging
FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.

M2D V4V HD EO Continuous Zoom Ultra Long Range Uncooled UAV Thermal Camera

With long range zoom 1920 x 1200
1280 x 1024 ultra sensitive HD hand selected
long range zoom IR camera.
The key difference between V4D and V4D is the 80x Zoom for EO and IR Channels


Uav Thermal Camera Videos

Continuous 40x Zoom/59° – 1.4°

For airborne and ground ISR applications using a 360° pan tilt
Designed for manned and unmanned Fixed wind, rotary wing aircrafts

Multi-Axis/Multi-Stage Gyro Stabilization

Only weighing 249 grams to increase your thermal UAV range and lighten your load. With multi-mounting options to put this thermal gimbal anywhere you need. Operation temperatures below -20°C and exceeding 60°C.

Ultra Efficient Power Consumption

7W Power consumption, 9-2VCD, and 65mm by 92mm platform. Package also includes RS-232 Comms. Unheard-of statistics in the thermal gimbal world.

Typical Deployments For Thermal UAV Cameras

Security and Surveillance with UAV Thermal Camera:The M2D V4V, optimized as a UAV thermal camera, is an advanced tool for security and surveillance operations. Its thermal imaging capabilities allow UAVs to effectively monitor and secure perimeters, detecting potential intruders in low visibility conditions like darkness or adverse weather. This feature is essential for maintaining security in critical areas, making it a valuable asset in UAV-based surveillance systems
Thermal GImbal Drone Deployed on a UAV
Military and Defense Utilization of UAV Thermal Camera:In the realm of military and defense, the M2D V4V serves as a crucial UAV thermal camera. Its ability to perform long-range thermal imaging is essential for strategic reconnaissance and identifying enemy positions from a distance. This capability is particularly valuable for military operations conducted under the cover of darkness or in obscured visibility, providing a strategic edge and enhancing the safety of military personnel
M2dv6 thermal gimbal camera on a Drone UAV UAS
Industrial Inspections with UAV Thermal Camera:For industrial applications, the M2D V4V is an indispensable UAV thermal camera, facilitating the early detection of operational issues like hotspots or leaks. This advanced thermal imaging capability is critical in environments where conventional inspection methods may be insufficient, allowing for proactive maintenance and accident prevention​
Industrial Thermal Drone APplication
Search and Rescue Missions Using UAV Thermal Camera:In search and rescue operations, the M2D V4V becomes a pivotal tool when utilized as a UAV thermal camera. Its ability to detect human body heat from significant distances greatly enhances the effectiveness of search operations, particularly in challenging terrains or during night-time scenarios, making it an essential instrument for locating survivors in emergency situations​
M2D Gimbal on ulitcopter for search and rescue purposes.

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