Long Range Gen 3 Night Vision Binoculars

Aerial stabilized thermal gimbal images

SPI Gen 3 Night Vision Binoculars



Image Intensifier Tube: Gen 3 “Level 1”
Magnification: 9.6x
Lens System: 250 mm; F/2.0
FOV: 4°



Image Intensifier Tube: Gen 3 “Level 1”
Magnification: 5.6x
Lens System: 145 mm; F/1.8
FOV: 7°

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Image Intensifier Tube: Gen 3 “Level 2”
Magnification: 5.6x
Lens System: 145 mm; F/1.8
FOV: 7°

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Image Intensifier Tube: Gen 3 “Level 1”
Magnification: 7.4x
Lens System: 192 mm; F/2.13
FOV: 5.4°

SPI Night Vision Binoculars: Technologies and Features

military night vision

SPI night vision binoculars provide our customers with high-quality performance, use advanced image enhancement technology and innovative construction materials to collect all of the available light in a given area (including infrared light), amplify it, and translate in form of image. Our night vision binoculars feature:

  1. Dual eye viewing system for long viewing sessions
  2. Tripod mountable
  3. Rugged and versatile design

Our night vision binoculars enable observation using two oculars to achieve depth perception from two slightly different projections onto the retinas of the eyes. SPI night vision binoculars combine a single high-quality image intensifier tube with a dualized optical axis and double eyepiece, making it applicable for long viewing sessions.

SPI is committed to using the most recently-released technologies to develop superior night vision binoculars. All of SPI binoculars are made using top-grade aircraft aluminum alloy, making them lightweight, long-lasting, and durable.

Our Night Vision Binoculars

We offer a wide variety of field-tested, Military-grade night vision binoculars, which feature:

  1. Compact, rugged housing with solid and ergonomic construction
  2. Long-range observation capabilities
  3. Easy-to-operate controls

Our selection of night vision binoculars is diverse and always evolving. Each model is agile, adaptable, and available with a variety of included and optional accessories. When you want a product that offers technical dexterity in mission-critical situations, SPI has you covered.

The SPI Promise: Superior Visibility for High-Stakes Missions

All SPI night vision binoculars are built to last and designed for maximum agility and comfort, ensuring that you feel safe and in control during covert missions, law enforcement or military trainings, terrain exploration, and more. Our binoculars are tough, weather-resistant, and made for the most demanding tactical experts and military professionals. SPI customers know that our products are of superior quality, delivering exceptional performance and longevity that is convenient and cost-effective.

Included With Our Gen 3 Night Vision Binoculars

  1. SPI SPARK850 Long Range Infrared Illuminator with Mount
  2. Dovetail to Weaver Transfer Piece
  3. Rechargeable Battery
  4. Charger
  5. Packing Box
  6. Operators Manual
  7. Lens Tissue
  8. One Lithium Battery CR123A
  9. Soft Carrying Case

Our Different Variations


The SPI Blackbird-LE night vision bi-ocular is the perfect tool for mid-range and long-range observation. The Blackbird-LE is compatible with a range of professional high quality objective lenses to match all users’ requirements currently available in three configurations – 5x, 8x, and 10x magnification. The Blackbird-LE is a professional night vision device favored by law enforcement and military units due to its unmatched performance, even in extreme temperatures and challenging weather conditions such as rain or excessive humidity.

The device can be outfitted with either a Gen 2+ or Gen 3 high-performance image intensifier (II) tube, which can be repaired or upgraded easily. The bright light shut-off feature ensures that the high-quality photocathode tube is protected. The Blackbird-LE is also equipped with Automatic Brightness Control (ABC), which adjusts the image brightness automatically, providing the highest possible image quality even in changing light conditions. Blackbird-LE is supplied with two AA batteries and its operating time is up to 40 hours of continuous use.

  1. 5x, 8x or 10x magnification
  2. Lightweight rugged design
  3. Waterproof Auto brightness control

Night Vision Videos

Welcome To UAV1

All Things Thermal

At UAV1 we specialize in advanced thermal, night vision, and IR imaging cameras and systems. We custom design and build comprehensive long range surveillance cameras for mounted, vehicle, and mobile imaging operations.

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About UAV1

At UAV1, we harness the power of thermal imaging to offer solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs. Whether you’re looking to monitor infrastructure, conduct surveillance in low-light conditions, or detect energy inefficiencies in buildings, our state-of-the-art thermal cameras can provide unparalleled insights.

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About SPI Corp

Is SPI Corp A U.S. Based Thermal Imaging Company?

Yes, our headquarters are located strategically in Las Vegas, NV, a designated testing area for drones by the Federal Aviation Administration The perfect location to develop prototype custom thermal imaging systems for use on UAV surveillance & drone research & applications.

Can Thermal Imaging and Night Vision Product Be Exported?

Yes, but the buyer acknowledges that if purchased items and services are destined for export (as defined in 22 CFR 120-130), BUYER has the complete responsibility and agrees to comply with all export laws and regulations of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Department of State.

Does SPI Corp Offer Product Support?

Yes,SPI Corp provides full service support from creating the design to building and installing the system. Contact us for more information.

Gen 2 Night Vision Binoculars

What is the difference between Gen 2+ and Gen 3 SPI Night Vision Binoculars?

Gen 2+ and Gen 3 refer to the generations of the image intensifier tubes used in SPI Night Vision Binoculars. Gen 2+ binoculars use advanced image enhancement technology from the second generation with various levels, including “White Phosphor.” Gen 3 binoculars represent a further evolution, offering improved low-light performance, clarity, and longevity. The “Level” in each generation indicates the grade or quality of the intensifier tube, with higher levels typically offering better performance.

How do SPI Night Vision Binoculars enhance long viewing sessions?

SPI Night Vision Binoculars are designed with a dual eye viewing system. This means they combine a single high-quality image intensifier tube with a dualized optical axis and double eyepiece. This setup allows for depth perception from two slightly different projections onto the retinas of the eyes, making them ideal for extended viewing sessions without causing significant eye fatigue.

Are SPI Night Vision Binoculars durable for rugged environments?

Absolutely! All SPI Night Vision Binoculars are constructed using top-grade aircraft aluminum alloy, ensuring they are lightweight yet robust. This construction ensures the binoculars are long-lasting, durable, and can withstand the challenges of rugged environments. Additionally, their compact and ergonomic design, combined with weather-resistant properties, makes them suitable for various mission-critical situations, whether it’s for military, law enforcement, or terrain exploration.