M2D V6 Thermal Imaging Gimbal for drones and UAV
FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.

M2D V6 HD EO Continuous Zoom Ultra Long Range Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera Solution

With long range zoom 1920 x 1200
1280 x 1024 ultra sensitive HD hand selected
long range zoom IR camera.

M2dv6 thermal gimbal camera on a Drone UAV UAS

<9W Power Consumption

Unlock the power of long-range thermal imaging with our cutting-edge camera. With an impressive range of -45° to 135° tilt, and an angular velocity of up to 105 deg/sec, it delivers exceptional performance in capturing detailed thermal data.

M2D V6 Thermal Gimbal Drone Camera with retracting unit

Multi-Axis Gimbal Stabilization

Experience military-grade ultra precision and rock-solid gyro stabilization with the M2-D Drone Thermal FLIR Gimbal. This ultimate gyro-stabilized EO/IR turret delivers exceptional stability, even in extremely unstable and harsh windy environments.

M2D V6 Thermal Gimbal Drone Camera

Unmatched Thermal Imaging Performance

Unlock the full potential of thermal imaging with the feature-rich M2-D Drone Thermal FLIR Gimbal. Equipped with an ultra-sensitive custom 1280 IR zoom thermal imaging IR channel and an HD BSI CMOS color visible EO channel

Why is it important for UAVs and drones that the M2D V6 Thermal Gimbal Camera Consumes <9w?

Power consumption less than 9W is crucial for a drone gimbal due to its impact on overall flight performance and battery life.

Drones typically have limited power resources, and minimizing power consumption allows for extended flight time and increased operational efficiency.

By keeping power usage below 9W, the drone can allocate more energy for other essential functions, such as propulsion and navigation systems.

Through custom engineering at SPI, achieving power consumption below 9W for a drone gimbal becomes possible.

SPI’s engineers analyze the design to identify areas for improvement, utilizing efficient components, optimized control algorithms, and lightweight materials.

Intelligent power management systems and adaptive stabilization algorithms are implemented to maximize power efficiency while maintaining performance

Tilt Range

High Angular Velocity

Multi-Axis Gimbal Stabilization

Multi-axis stabilization refers to the ability of a gimbal to stabilize along multiple axes to compensate for different types of motion. SPI’s M2-D Drone Thermal FLIR Gimbal is equipped with a multi-axis gyro-stabilized platform, ensuring exceptional stabilization and rock-solid performance.

Learn More About Multi-Axis Stabilization

SPI offers various options for their gimbals based on the specific requirements of the unmanned system and its payload capacity. These options include gimbals with 2, 3, or 4 axes of stabilization.

  • 2-axis gimbals provide gyro-stabilized pitch and roll, compensating for movements in those two axes.
  • 3-axis gimbals offer gyro-stabilized yaw, pitch, and roll, providing even more stability and compensating for additional motion.
  • 4-axis gimbals feature gyro-stabilized yaw, pitch, and roll, along with stabilization in the up and down motion. This option provides the most comprehensive stabilization capabilities, compensating for a wider range of movements.

By offering different axis configurations, SPI ensures that their gimbals can meet the specific stabilization needs of various unmanned systems and payloads. This flexibility allows for optimal stabilization performance, resulting in smooth and steady imagery even in challenging operating conditions.

Blueprint for m2d thermal imaging gimbal camera

Performance: Custom 1280 x 1024 IR zoom thermal imaging IR channel

m2d v6 thermal drone camera in safe box

and HD BSI CMOS color visible EO channel offer several significant benefits.

High Resolution IR Channel

Firstly, the ultra-sensitive custom 1280×720 IR zoom thermal imaging IR channel enables the gimbal to capture thermal data with exceptional clarity and precision.

The high resolution allows for detailed thermal imaging, providing valuable insights into temperature variations, heat signatures, and object detection even in low-light or adverse weather conditions.

This capability is especially useful in surveillance, search and rescue, and infrastructure inspection applications.

HD CMOS Color Visible Channel

In addition, the HD BSI CMOS color visible EO channel provides high-resolution color imagery in the visible spectrum.

This complements the thermal imaging capabilities by offering additional visual context and enhancing situational awareness. The BSI (Back-Side Illuminated) CMOS technology ensures improved light sensitivity and reduced noise, resulting in clear and vibrant visual imagery.

This is advantageous in applications that require detailed visual inspection or identification of objects or targets.

Multi-Spectral Vision Channels

The combination of the ultra-sensitive thermal imaging IR channel and high-resolution color visible EO channel in the M2-D gimbal provides a comprehensive imaging solution.

It allows operators to capture detailed thermal data while obtaining clear and detailed visual information simultaneously.

This versatility enhances decision-making capabilities, improves detection and analysis, and enables accurate and informed actions in defense, security, and industrial applications.

Easy Integration Into Any UAV, UAS, or Drone System

End-to-End Full Support With SPI

We offer end-to-end support, from product design and integration to training for its optimal use.

Plug-n-Play System

Our M class cameras for UAVs, UASs, and Drones are designed as plug-n-play systems, ensuring effortless integration and compatibility with any setup.

Mil-Spec Equipment and Cords

Our systems are crafted based on military standards for swift interchangeability and user-friendly operation.

M2d v6 camera on throwable drone for us military
m2dv6 being installed below a fighter airplane
M2D Micro Gimbal Thermal Imaging Gyro Stabilized

M2D Mini Gyro Stabilized Thermal Gimbal Camera

FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.
SWAP Certified
M2D V3 Thermal Imaging Gimbal Gyro Stabilized Drone Camera

M2D V3 Thermal Imaging Gimbal Camera

FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.
SWAP Certified
M2D V4 EO/Ir Thermal UAV, UAS, Drone Gimbal

M2D V4 Mini Gyro Stabilized Thermal Gimbal Camera

360 Pan Tilit FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.
SWAP Certified
M2D V4V Long Range 80x zoom thermal imaging

M2D V4V Long Range Thermal Imaging Gimbal

IR and LONG RANGE 80x Telephoto EO Zoom Channel
SWAP Certified
M2D V4D Long Range thermal imaging gimbal

M2-D v4D Long Range Continuous Zoom Thermal Gimbal *80x IR/EO Zoom

One of our longest IR channel zoom ranges but not the farthest
SWAP Certified
M2D V6 Thermal Imaging Gimbal for drones and UAV

M2D V6 HD Ultra Light Thermal Imaging Gimbal

Available with Infrared or Visible 0.5 mRAD Laser
SWAP Certified
M7D Ultra long range thermal imaging gimbal camera for UAV, UAS

M7D Ultra Long Range Thermal Imaging Gimbal

Long range cooled MWIR EOIR zoom HD Gyrostabilized Multi Axis Thermal Imaging  FLIR Gimbal with Laser and LRF Rangefinder for UAS UAV Drones
SWAP Certified
M3D M4D and M5D thermal imaging cameras

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