M2D V4V Long Range thermal imaging gimbal

FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.

M2D V4D HD EO Continuous Zoom Ultra Long Range Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera Solution *80x Zoom

With long range zoom 1920 x 1200
1280 x 1024 ultra sensitive HD hand selected
long range zoom IR camera.
The key difference between V4v and V4D is the 80x Zoom


Continuous 40x Zoom/59° – 1.4° FOV

For airborne and ground ISR applications using a 360° pan tilt
Designed for manned and unmanned Fixed wind, rotary wing aircrafts

Multi-Axis/Multi-Stage Gyro Stabilization

Only weighing 249 grams to increase your thermal UAV range and lighten your load. With multi-mounting options to put this thermal gimbal anywhere you need. Operation temperatures below -20°C and exceeding 60°C.

Ultra Efficient Power Consumption

7W Power consumption, 9-2VCD, and 65mm by 92mm platform. Package also includes RS-232 Comms. Unheard of statistics in the thermal gimbal world.

Typical Deployments

Defense and Security Applications:As a drone camera, the M2D V4D excels in defense and security contexts. It offers high-resolution thermal imaging which is pivotal for continuous surveillance, capable of detecting heat signatures even in total darkness or through obstructions like smoke and foliage.

This makes it indispensable for tasks like border security and battlefield surveillance. The gimbal’s stabilization features ensure sharp and stable imagery, crucial for accurate and real-time intelligence gathering in dynamic scenarios. Furthermore, its precise thermal imaging and zoom functions aid in target identification, making it an essential tool for law enforcement and military operations
Thermal GImbal Drone Deployed on a UAV
Environmental ObservationThe M2D V4D, used as a drone camera, transforms environmental monitoring and wildlife research. It provides invaluable insights into animal behavior and habitat usage, especially for nocturnal and elusive species, without causing disturbance. The thermal imaging capability is also beneficial for assessing vegetation health and tracking environmental changes, such as in climate change research. This adaptability to various light and weather conditions makes it an all-encompassing tool for environmental studies​
M2dv6 thermal gimbal camera on a Drone UAV UAS
Industrial SurveillanceIn industrial settings, the M2D V4D serves as a crucial drone camera for conducting inspections. It facilitates the early detection of operational anomalies, such as hotspots or leaks, especially in environments where traditional inspection methods might be inadequate. This capability is vital for proactive maintenance and accident prevention, enhancing safety and efficiency in industrial operations
Industrial Thermal Drone APplication
Search and RescueIn search and rescue (SAR) missions, the M2D V4D as a drone camera becomes a critical asset. Its thermal imaging can detect human heat signatures in challenging terrains and conditions, enhancing night-time operations and overcoming environmental challenges. When mounted on drones or helicopters, it expands the search area, allowing rescue teams to cover large areas more efficiently than ground searches alone. This advanced technology translates into faster response times and more effective search operations, proving to be a lifesaver in SAR missions​
M2D Gimbal on ulitcopter for search and rescue purposes.

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With long range zoom 1920 x 1200
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