Long Range Thermal Drones for uas,uavs, and drones

M7D Ultra Long Range Thermal UAS Drone Camera

Ultralight Thermal Gimbal with AI-Tracking and multispectral technology offers cooled performance and easy integration with most UAVs, UASs, Drones, and Multicopters.


  • Cooled Ultra-Sensitive MWIR (3µm to 5µm)
  • BSI (Back Side Illuminated) HD CMOS Channel at a resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • FOV 60° – 1.1°

IR Channel

  • IR Channel is a cooled Ultra-Sensitive MWIR (3µm to 5µm) VGA 640 x 480
  • IR Channel has an FOV of 22° – 1.1°
  • Option for an additional LRF (Laser Range Finder)

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  • Rock-Steady Multi-Axis Gyro Stabilization
  • 360 degree rotation for continuous UAS,UAV, and SAS surveillance
M7D Ultra Long Range Thermal Drone Camera

M7D Long Range Cooled MWIR EO IR Zoom HD Stabilized Gimbal with laser and LRF rangefinder

Introducing the M7D, our latest innovation in thermal imaging technology. This ultralight, long-range cooled MWIR (Mid-Wave Infrared) thermal imaging gimbal system is a groundbreaking addition to our range of advanced surveillance solutions. Weighing only 1790 grams, the M7D boasts a powerful 82X HD EO (Electro-Optical) camera, laser rangefinder, and laser pointers, encapsulating the best in modern EO-IR imaging technology.

Key Specifications and Features

Visual Camera Configuration 1

  • Visible 400-700 nm
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Zoom: (total x80)
  • HFOV: 60° WFOV – 1.5° NFOV – 0.75° DFOV

Visual Camera Configuration 2

  • Visible 400-700nm
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Zoom : (total x54) continuous zoom
  • HFOV: 60° WFOV – 2.2° NFOV – 1.1° DFOV


  • Cooled MWIR Thermal Imaging
  • 3-5 µm Midwave Infrared Range
  • 82X HD EO Camera
  • Gyro Stabilization for Precise Imaging
  • Up to 20 Kilometer Detection Range

Advanced Modules

  • MVP/9960 for Enhanced Capabilities
  • License Plate Reading (LPR)
  • Object Detection & Classification
  • Human, Vehicle, Fire & Smoke Detection

Video And Data Managements

  • H265 Video Compression
  • Geo-Location and Image Enhancement Tools
  • Video Recording with GPS Metadata
  • Multiple Video Stream Options (PIP, DuoZoom, Fusion)

Operational Versatility

  • Suitable for UAVs, UGVs, USVs, and Manned Installations
  • Applications in Surveillance, Security, Defense, and Environmental Monitoring
  • Real-Time, Short to Long-Range Detection Capabilities

Design and Usability

  • Lightweight (1790 grams)
  • Compact and Efficient Design
  • Integration with 4G LTE for Extended Connectivity
  • User-Friendly Interface with Reduced Power Consumption

Tactical Precision:

The M7D Cooled MWIR Midwave Thermal Gimbal – Empowering Military Operations with Target Tracking and Enhanced Image Capabilities

m7d long range thermal ranges up to 40 kilometers

Additionally, the M7D offers exceptional image enhancement and processing capabilities. Its advanced onboard image processing can significantly improve the quality of captured thermal imagery, even in challenging conditions like poor light, fog, or smoke. It can apply a range of algorithms to sharpen the image, improve contrast, and highlight areas of interest. Furthermore, this image enhancement can work in conjunction with its target tracking – the system can highlight and follow a target, making it easier for the operator to maintain visual contact.

One of the standout features of the M7D is its high-definition video tracking and target tracking capabilities. In a dynamic operational environment, where targets can move quickly and unpredictably, the ability to maintain a continuous, stabilized visual lock is invaluable. The M7D’s advanced tracking algorithms can automatically detect, lock on, and follow targets of interest in real-time. This is crucial for intelligence gathering, precision strikes, or even tracking wildlife in conservation efforts.

M7D Ultra long range thermal imaging gimbal camera for UAV, UAS
Precision-engineered ISR gimbal system with detailed specifications showcasing RS-232 control interface, Micro-HDMI video output, sub-microradian stabilization, varying power consumption metrics, environmental operating conditions, and versatile pan and tilt field of regard for comprehensive monitoring and target tracking
High-performance surveillance gimbal with dual visible camera configurations offering different resolutions and zoom capabilities, alongside a mid-wave infrared thermal camera with cooling, specified field of view options, and an optional range finder, designed for robust aerial intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations
Advanced multi-spectral imaging system with gyro-stabilization, featuring high-definition electro-optical and infrared sensors for surveillance and reconnaissance missions, including detailed technical specifications for control and video interfaces, stabilization precision, power details, dimensions, weight, and temperature operating range.

Technical Overview of Cryogenically Cooled MWIR EO/IR Systems

cryogenically cooled camera

Cryogenically cooled MWIR EO/IR systems represent the pinnacle of thermal imaging technology, providing enhanced detection capabilities in unmanned systems. By cooling the sensor elements to cryogenic temperatures, these systems significantly reduce thermal noise, resulting in crisper images with higher resolution. The M7D systems operate in the midwave infrared spectrum, between 3-5 micrometers, optimal for detecting thermal signatures in a variety of conditions. These systems integrate long-range zoom capabilities and high-definition video tracking, making them ideal for advanced surveillance and reconnaissance tasks.

Versatility of Multi-Sensor Gimbal Payload Systems

The multi-sensor gimbal payload systems are a testament to the adaptability required in modern surveillance operations. These systems allow for the integration of various sensors and cameras, such as LWIR, MWIR, SWIR, and visible light cameras, each catering to specific mission requirements. They offer flexibility in payload configuration, which means that users can tailor the sensor array to the specific needs of the mission, whether it’s for day or night surveillance, target tracking, or image enhancement. The ability to deploy these gimbals across various platforms, from UAVs to USVs and UGVs, underscores their versatile design.

cryogenically cooled camera
EO IR sensors for UAVs are engineered to cover a broad spectrum of operational environments. Whether it's a VTOL multirotor, a fixed-wing aircraft, or a tethered balloon, these sensors provide critical vision capabilities.

Operational Scope of EO IR Sensors for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

EO IR sensors for UAVs are engineered to cover a broad spectrum of operational environments. Whether it’s a VTOL multirotor, a fixed-wing aircraft, or a tethered balloon, these sensors provide critical vision capabilities. The operational scope includes long-range detection and tracking of both ground and aerial targets, functioning across diverse climatic conditions. From coastal surveillance to border patrol, these sensors enhance the operational effectiveness of UAVs, providing operators with real-time intelligence to make informed decisions.

Stabilization Capabilities of Cooled MWIR Thermal Gimbals

Stabilization is a critical feature of cooled MWIR thermal gimbals, as it directly affects image quality and tracking accuracy. These gimbals come with 2, 3, or 4-axis gyro-stabilization options to counteract the movements of the UAV, ensuring that the imaging system can maintain a steady focus on a target or area of interest. The advanced stabilization allows for precise movements and adjustments, which is especially important when operating at long ranges or in challenging conditions. The result is clear, stable imagery that can be relied upon for critical mission objectives.

EO IR sensors for UAVs are engineered to cover a broad spectrum of operational environments. Whether it's a VTOL multirotor, a fixed-wing aircraft, or a tethered balloon, these sensors provide critical vision capabilities.

How Far Can the M7D Ultra Long Range Gimbal Really See?

To help grasp the distance that this gimbal can see we have provided some real world examples
Long Range Thermal Drones for uas,uavs, and drones
Understanding the Vehicle Detection Range
The M7D’s 40-kilometer vehicle detection range is a tremendous leap forward in ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) technology. This provides an unprecedented level of situational awareness that can fundamentally alter the course of both military engagements and civilian operations.

To visualize this, let’s look at a couple of examples:

Long Range Thermal Drones for uas,uavs, and drones
Military Scenario
Imagine a vast desert battlefield where visibility is clear, but the distances are immense.
A Forward Operating Base (FOB) is equipped with an M7D mounted on a surveillance UAV. With its 40 km detection range, the gimbal can pick up enemy vehicles from a distance roughly equivalent to the straight-line distance between Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

This early detection can provide enough time to mount a preemptive strike, relocate forces to advantageous positions, or even avoid conflict altogether.
Long Range Thermal Drones for uas,uavs, and drones
Civilian Application
In a search-and-rescue scenario, let’s say a hiker has gone missing in a large national park. A helicopter equipped with the M7D system would be able to cover a circular area of approximately 5,026 square kilometers (using the formula πr²) in a single surveillance sweep. That’s slightly larger than the entire state of Delaware!
Long Range Thermal Drones for uas,uavs, and drones
Understanding the Human Detection Range
Understanding the Range: With an impressive 20-kilometer detection capability, the M7D cooled MWIR thermal imaging gimbal offers an exceptional range. To put that in perspective, it’s equivalent to the length of about 200 football fields lined up end to end.
Long Range Thermal Drones for uas,uavs, and drones
Real World Examples
Urban Perspective: Consider a bustling city like New York; the M7D could theoretically detect a human-sized object from the Statue of Liberty all the way to Central Park. That’s spanning the entirety of a major city!

Rural Comparison: In a more rural or wilderness context, the M7D’s detection range would be like standing at the foot of Mount Everest and being able to detect a human-sized object at the height of Everest Base Camp. This vast distance coverage shows the sheer power of the M7D’s detection capabilities.
Long Range Thermal Drones for uas,uavs, and drones
Surveillance and Defense Application
Target Identification: This long detection range is particularly beneficial in surveillance, security, and defense applications where early detection and identification of targets are crucial.
Whether it’s detecting a vehicle at 20 kilometers or recognizing a human figure at 10 kilometers, the M7D provides the clarity and distance required for these high-stakes operations.

Search and Rescue: The M7D’s impressive range is also invaluable in search and rescue operations, where being able to detect a person or vehicle at such long distances can be the difference between life and death.

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