Maritime Thermal and Coastal Surveillance


With more than two decades of industry experience, SPI Corp stands at the forefront of maritime defense technology, specializing in the provision of high-performing, resilient, and reliable end-to-end solutions tailored to the challenging maritime environment.

Our expertise lies in designing and delivering exceptional long-range maritime surveillance systems such as the M5, M7, M9, and M11. These systems, integrating the most advanced EO/IR sensors, are specifically engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of maritime operations – from coastal surveillance to high-seas law enforcement and everything in between.

Over our two decades of experience, we have pioneered an outstanding range of maritime-specific advanced uncooled (LWIR) and cooled (MWIR) thermal detectors, such as those found in our M series cameras. Our high definition (HD) thermal detectors are also second to none, contributing to our reputation for setting new industry standards in quality, performance, and maritime applicability.

As a comprehensive solutions provider, we also offer a suite of complementary sensors designed to enhance detection capabilities,

Whether you are seeking solutions for maritime patrol, port security, coastal defense, search and rescue operations, or navigation and collision avoidance, SPI Corp has the experience, technology, and commitment to deliver a tailored solution that meets your unique operational needs. Let our advanced maritime surveillance platforms empower your mission with superior situational awareness, performance, and reliability.

UAV With thermal gimbal attached
M3D M4D and M5D thermal imaging cameras

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Maritime Thermal Imaging Solutions with Gimbal-Stabilized Thermal Cameras

More Information on applications of our gimbal stabilized and long range PTZ thermal cameras in maritime s.

M11 Ultra Long Range MWIR Mill-Spec PTZ Camera Maritime Applications

The M11 ultra long-range thermal imaging FLIR camera is an all-weather, multi-sensor imaging system that elevates maritime capabilities in border, coastal, shoreline, and flightline security applications. This system is an epitome of high performance in challenging marine conditions, fortified by a selection of complimentary sensors, lasers, and add-on modules.

Border and Coastal Security

The M11, with its high-resolution imaging, 360° azimuth continuous rotation, and direct drive servo motors, enables comprehensive surveillance of extensive coastal areas. Its ability to provide high-quality images even in low light conditions, supplemented with the optional long-range illuminator, makes it ideal for day/night security operations. Its robust, operationally qualified package ensures durability in diverse maritime environments, bolstering border and coastal security efforts.

Shoreline Thermal Security:

Its long-range thermal imaging FLIR technology and low light BSI CMOS CCTV camera work synergistically to provide high-resolution images under various lighting conditions. The system’s 360° continuous rotation pan and ±45° tilt capabilities ensure comprehensive coverage along coastlines, offering critical protection against illicit activities such as smuggling, illegal fishing, and unauthorized border crossings.

Flightline Thermal Security:

For flightline security, the M11 provides an ideal solution with its selection of SD & HD Thermal MWIR Camera Features. The 420mm continuous zoom lens and HD resolution provide the necessary detail for monitoring aircraft and personnel movement. Additionally, the optional active gyro stabilization offers jitter-free image stabilization, crucial for tracking fast-moving targets.

Mobile Thermal Surveillance:

The versatility of the M11 makes it suitable for both mobile and fixed applications. It can be effectively deployed for mast, pole, or tripod-mounted applications, delivering high-quality, stable images in either scenario.

Military Applications:

With options like the Military Laser Pointer and the Laser Ranger Finder, the M11 is well equipped for advanced naval or coast guard operations. The laser pointer with a 15km range, and the laser ranger finder with a 20km range, enhance the system’s targeting and distance measurement capabilities.

The M9 Ultra Rugged IP68 Mil-Spec Maritime Thermal PTZ Maritime Applications

The M9 PTZ EO/IR Imaging System pushes the boundaries of maritime and coastal surveillance, security, and operations with its unprecedented detection range of up to 60 kilometers and over 40,000 hours of maintenance-free service.

Unmatched Maritime Surveillance:

With its robust MilSpec IP68 rating and all-metal construction, the M9 is built to withstand the harsh maritime environments. The system’s exceptional durability allows for 24/7/365 uninterrupted surveillance, ensuring constant watch over vast expanses of oceans, straits, and seaports.

Coastal Security:

Its long-range thermal imaging FLIR technology and low light BSI CMOS CCTV camera work synergistically to provide high-resolution images under various lighting conditions. The system’s 360° continuous rotation pan and ±45° tilt capabilities ensure comprehensive coverage along coastlines, offering critical protection against illicit activities such as smuggling, illegal fishing, and unauthorized border crossings.

Advanced Navigational Aid:

For seafaring vessels, the M9 offers an essential navigational aid. Its extreme long-range detection capability can help identify potential hazards in the vessel’s path or track other marine traffic to prevent collisions. The system’s image stabilization feature ensures clear and stable imagery, even in rough seas, which can be pivotal during rescue missions in adverse weather conditions.

Docking and Port Management:

The high-definition thermal IR imaging and 500x HD low light long-range visual digital zoom with auto focus, enable precise monitoring of docking procedures and port activities. This is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of port operations and ensuring the safety of personnel and cargo.

Customizable and User-Friendly:

The M9’s user-friendly interface with an intuitive AI control panel simplifies the operation, especially in high-pressure situations. It offers a wide range of user selectable enhancement features, enabling the customization of its performance according to mission requirements.

The M7 Falcon Long Range PTZ FLIR Thermal Maritime Applications

Maritime Surveillance

The M7 Falcon PTZ FLIR Thermal Camera is an advanced surveillance system designed for reliable and efficient long-range maritime and coastal monitoring. Featuring state-of-the-art multi EO/IR sensors, it offers superior day and night vision, which makes it a crucial tool in various maritime sectors.

Given its 360-degree continuous rotation and uninterrupted 24/7/365 operation, the M7 Falcon allows for consistent monitoring of marine areas. Its ultra-sensitive, long-range thermal imaging FLIR focal plane array technology can detect even subtle changes in temperature, enabling early detection of marine vessels or activities at great distances.

Coastal Security:

The M7 Falcon excels in coastal security applications, providing high-resolution imagery, which is critical for monitoring, detecting, and identifying potential threats along coastlines. Its advanced LWIR uncooled Focal Plane Array (FPA) sensor technology ensures clear and detailed imaging in diverse lighting and weather conditions.

Port Management and Docking Assistance:

The 500x HD low light long-range visual digital zoom feature of the M7 Falcon proves invaluable in overseeing port operations and assisting docking procedures. It offers precise imagery that can help prevent collisions and improve efficiency in cargo handling and other port activities.

Navigation Aid:

The M7 Falcon serves as a pivotal navigational aid for vessels navigating through crowded or hazardous marine routes. Its all-weather design, paired with high-fidelity low light BSI CMOS CCTV technology, allows mariners to see clearly even in adverse conditions, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

User-friendly Operation:

The M7 Falcon boasts user-friendly controls, making it easy to install, learn, and operate. The system includes a full PTZ control, keyboard, joystick, monitors, cables, and all standard accessories for a seamless plug-and-play experience. Operators can customize the system according to their requirements, selecting from various enhancement features.

The M5 Long Range Thermal Imaging PTZ Pan Tilt FLIR Maritime Applications

The M5 Long-Range Thermal Imaging PTZ Pan Tilt FLIR Security Surveillance Camera is an all-weather, multi-sensor imaging system designed for optimal performance in maritime and coastal surveillance applications. Its advanced sensor technology and robust design offer unparalleled reliability and effectiveness in a range of situations.

Maritime Patrol and Law Enforcement:

The M5 provides exceptional day/night vision capabilities with its HD high definition thermal camera and SD long-range multi-sensor vision system. With 360° continuous rotation pan and -45° to +45° tilt, it allows for comprehensive patrol and surveillance, assisting in law enforcement activities on the high seas.

Port Security and Management:

The M5’s 500x HD low light long-range visual digital zoom feature supports meticulous monitoring of port activities. It aids in ensuring the security of cargo, infrastructure, and personnel, while also streamlining operations like docking, cargo handling, and vessel traffic management.

Coastal Defense and Border Security:

For coastal defense, the M5’s long-range thermal imaging capabilities can detect potential threats from great distances, even in complete darkness or adverse weather conditions. Border security forces can take advantage of its high-resolution imagery for early detection and response to illicit activities along coastlines.

Search and Rescue Operations:

The M5 camera’s thermal imaging technology is invaluable in search and rescue operations, providing reliable imaging regardless of lighting conditions or environmental challenges. Its advanced ML Machine Learning smart algorithms enhance its efficiency, enabling quicker response times in emergencies.

Navigation and Collision Avoidance:

The M5’s high-definition thermal IR imaging supports safe navigation in crowded or challenging waters. Its precision optics and advanced sensors can help identify obstacles and hazards, assisting vessels in avoiding potential collisions.

User-friendly and Versatile:

The M5 boasts a universal open architecture that allows for integration with various systems. It’s designed for ease of use with full PTZ control, and multiple users can operate the system via IP/Ethernet/fiber connection.

Our Suggested Maritime Thermal Imaging Solutions

The M7 Falcon is a high performance Long range thermal imaging flir PTZ camera That packs Advanced multi EO/IR sensors for exceptional day & night vision capabilities

The M7 Falcon Long Range PTZ FLIR Thermal Camera

Continuous spray for 96 hours at pH 6.5 to 7.2, no change in surface
IP66 With 4000v Surge Protection
SWAP Certified
M9 Cooled MWIR PTZ Ultra Long Range and Rugged Thermal Camera Pan Tilt Zoom Multi Sensor with innovative AI Panel

M9 Cooled/Uncooled MWIR PTZ Ultra Long Range and Rugged Thermal Camera Pan Tilt Zoom Multi Sensor

IP68+ ultra rugged all weather MilSpec system
Mil-Std-810 Salt, Rain, and Vibration and -40°C to + 70°C Operational Range
SWAP Certified
Long range flir camera system for ISR, security and surveillance applications

M11 Ultra Long Range Thermal Imaging FLIR Camera For Maritime Surveilance

Continuous spray for 96 hours at pH 6.5 to 7.2, no change in surface
IP68+ and Surge Protection
SWAP Certified
Vast Custom long range thermal imaging examples

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Unmatched Maritime Thermal Tech at Reasonable Prices


Thermal Cameras (SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR)

SPI Corp has unmeasurable knowledge and experience in thermal camera technology, covering Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR), Medium-Wave Infrared (MWIR), and Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) ranges. This broad range of capabilities allows us to offer the right solution for various applications, whether it’s for security, wildlife monitoring, or industrial inspection.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) visual long-range zoom

We specialize in High Dynamic Range (HDR) visual technologies that provide superior image clarity over long distances. This capability is crucial in various scenarios, such as surveillance, search and rescue, or environmental monitoring, where image detail and quality can significantly influence the outcome.

Gyro Stabilized Thermal Gimbals

Our company has a deep understanding of gyro-stabilized gimbals, which are essential for maintaining stable and clear imagery in aerial applications. Regardless of the environmental conditions or the movements of the aerial platform, our gimbals ensure consistently sharp and stable imaging.

Geo-Referenced Location

UAV1 and SPIs products provide geo-referenced tracking, which enables accurate location determination of objects within the captured imagery. This ability is critical for various tasks such as disaster response, surveillance, and scientific research, where pinpoint accuracy of location data is paramount.

COTS Pricing

At SPI Corp, our success is rooted in our ability to deliver custom solutions at Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) prices. We understand that each of our clients operates in unique environments and faces different challenges. As such, we have made it our mission to ensure that our technology is tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client, without compromising affordability.

Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing

SPI Corp possesses an extensive library of multi-spectral remote sensing technology, which involves capturing data across different wavelengths for a more complete view of the environment. This technology has wide-ranging applications, from agriculture and forestry to environmental monitoring and land use planning, providing valuable insights that single-spectrum imaging cannot.


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