M2D V4 Thermal Gimbal

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M2D Micro Gimbal Thermal Imaging Gyro Stabilized

M2D Mini Gyro Stabilized Thermal Gimbal Camera

FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.
SWAP Certified
M2D V3 Thermal Imaging Gimbal Gyro Stabilized Drone Camera

M2D V3 Thermal Imaging Gimbal Camera

360 Pan Tilit FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.
SWAP Certified
M2D V4V Long Range thermal imaging gimbal

M2D V4V Long Range Thermal Imaging Gimbal

IR and LONG RANGE 80x Telephoto EO Zoom Channel
SWAP Certified
M7D Ultra long range thermal imaging gimbal camera for UAV, UAS

M7D Ultra Long Range Thermal Imaging Gimbal

Long range cooled MWIR EOIR zoom HD Gyrostabilized Multi Axis Thermal Imaging  FLIR Gimbal with Laser and LRF Rangefinder for UAS UAV Drones
SWAP Certified
M2D V6 Thermal Imaging Gimbal for drones and UAV

M2D V6 HD Ultra Light Thermal Imaging Gimbal

Available with Infrared or Visible 0.5 mRAD Laser
SWAP Certified

Implications of Gimbal Camera Weight on Drone Performance and Sustainability

Drones equipped with gimbal cameras have revolutionized a multitude of sectors, from filmmaking and real estate to wildlife observation and disaster management. However, the weight of these cameras is a significant factor that can influence the flight performance, battery life, payload capacity, portability, and cost of drones. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend these aspects…

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Lights Out, Safety On: How AI and Microbolometers Promise to Protect Lives

As pedestrian fatalities during nighttime rise consistently, global safety and insurance institutions along with regulatory bodies are demanding for a rapid response. Daytime vehicular accidents have seen a decrease due to the integration of cameras and automated braking systems. However, night vision remains an uncharted territory where these systems don’t offer the same protection. Government…

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