M2D V4 EO/Ir Thermal UAV, UAS, Drone Gimbal
FLIR EO/IR for UAV, UAS, and drones.

M2D V4 HD EO Continuous Zoom Uncooled Infrared Camera For Drones

With long range zoom 1920 x 1200
1280 x 1024 ultra sensitive HD hand selected
long range zoom IR camera.


M2D V4 Infrared Drone Camera Footage

Continuous Zoom 40x or 80x/59° – 1.4° FOV

For airborne and ground ISR applications using a 360° pan tilt
Designed for manned and unmanned Fixed wind, rotary wing aircrafts

Multi-Axis/Multi-Stage Gyro Stabilization

Only weighing 249 grams to increase your UAV range and lighten your load. With multi-mounting options to put this gimbal anywhere you need. Operation temperatures below -20°C and exceeding 60°C.

Ultra Efficient Power Consumption

7W Power consumption, 9-2VCD, and 65mm by 92mm platform. Package also includes RS-232 Comms.

Typical Infrared Drone Camera Deployments

Security and Surveillance with Infrared Camera for Drones:The M2D V4 Thermal Gimbal, equipped as an infrared camera for drones, is a powerful tool in security and surveillance. It elevates perimeter monitoring by enabling the detection of intruders in low-light conditions or through obstacles that hinder regular vision. This advanced infrared technology makes it an indispensable component for drones used in securing sensitive locations.
Thermal GImbal Drone Deployed on a UAV
Military and Defense Deployment of Our Infrared Camera for DronesIn military and defense operations, the M2D V4, functioning as an infrared camera for drones, offers unmatched reconnaissance capabilities. Its long-range thermal imaging allows for the identification of enemy positions from a safe distance, providing a strategic advantage in various combat scenarios. This feature is crucial for drones in military operations where nighttime or obscured visibility is a factor.
M2dv6 thermal gimbal camera on a Drone UAV UAS
Industrial Surveillance Using Infrared Camera for Drones:For industrial applications, the M2D V4 serves as an essential infrared camera for drones, facilitating the early detection of operational anomalies such as hotspots or leaks. This capability is vital in environments where traditional inspection methods fall short, allowing for timely interventions and maintenance.

Industrial Thermal Drone APplication
Search and Rescue Operations Aided by Infrared Camera for Drones:In search and rescue missions, the M2D V4, when used as an infrared camera for drones, becomes a critical asset. Its ability to detect human body heat from afar significantly increases the efficiency of search operations, especially in difficult terrains or during night-time, making it a key tool for locating and aiding survivors in emergencies.
M2D Gimbal on ulitcopter for search and rescue purposes.

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