X27 Full Color Night Vision Sensor

The X27 ColorVision Osprey from SPI Corp is a cutting-edge development in night vision technology, featuring a Low Light Level (LLL) true Color night vision VIS-NIR sensor. This system employs advanced BSTFA (Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array) Technology, providing exceptional performance in low-light conditions​​. It integrates MDIS (MultiLayer Digiscan Image Sequencing) for real-time HD video processing, ensuring high-quality imagery​​. Additionally, the X27 is capable of detecting battle infrared lasers and the JATC SeeSpot 1064 Designator IR laser, functioning effectively in both day and night environments​​, showcasing its versatility and technological superiority in the realm of night vision.

Is Full Color Night Vision Possible?

At SPI Corp, we can confidently affirm that full-color night vision is not just a concept, but a reality, thanks to our groundbreaking development – the X27 ColorVision Osprey. This advanced sensor redefines the capabilities of night vision technology, offering true, full-color imagery even in the most challenging low-light conditions. With the X27, we are proud to set a new benchmark in night vision performance, bringing to life vivid colors and clear details that were previously unseen in nighttime environments.

X27 Full-Color Night Vision vs. Top Rivals: Thermal, EMCCD, CMOS, SWIR, and AN/PVS-14

Full color night vision sensor

So How Does Full Color Night Vision Work?

The X27 ColorVision Osprey’s sensor technology represents a significant advancement in night vision capabilities. The core of this innovation lies in its BSTFA (Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array) Technology, which is instrumental in achieving high performance in low-light conditions. This technology ensures a 5 million equivalent ISO rating, highlighting its exceptional sensitivity and low noise characteristics​​.

The sensor integrates high-quality IR corrected, coated precision optics, ensuring robust and crisp images both day and night​​. It incorporates solid-state advanced LLL (Low Light Level) sensor technology with a powerful DSP/Altera FPGA, facilitating its compatibility with a broad spectrum of existing military and defense imaging systems like FLIR thermal IR infrared imaging, MWIR, LWIR, SWIR, I2, CMOS, CCD, and NVGs

What is The Color Spectrum Of The X27 Full Color Night Vision System?

The sensor’s capability extends to imaging across a full spectrum from 390 to 1200Nm, ensuring users get the full broadband experience. This range is made possible due to the sensor’s large pixel pitch cells, which are highly sensitive in the IR spectrum and offer an impressive 85,000x luminance gain​​.

Furthermore, the X27 sensor is purely digital and overcomes limitations of traditional analog image intensifiers, allowing uninterrupted use day or night without risk of damage from bright light sources​. This sensor suite also includes features like automatic adjustment to different light/scene environments, making it user-friendly and versatile for various applications

Full color night vision sensor
Full color night vision sensor

What is DSP and Altera FPGA Of The X27 Full Color Night Vision System?

DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and Altera FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) are both types of high-performance processing technologies used in electronic systems.

DSP: This is a specialized microprocessor designed specifically for processing digital signals, such as audio, video, and sensor data. It efficiently manipulates these signals to improve their quality or extract useful information.

Altera FPGA: FPGA stands for Field-Programmable Gate Array, a type of integrated circuit that can be configured by the customer or designer after manufacturing (hence “field-programmable”). Altera, now part of Intel, is a brand known for its FPGAs. FPGAs are highly versatile and can be programmed to perform a wide range of complex computing tasks, making them ideal for applications that require high-speed, real-time processing.

In the context of the X27 sensor, the combination of DSP and Altera FPGA implies that the device has a powerful and flexible processing capability, enabling it to efficiently handle complex image processing tasks in real time.

Applications and Custom Integrations Of The X27 Osprey Full Color Night Vision System

The X27 ColorVision Osprey, with its advanced full-color night vision technology, finds applications in a multitude of fields, far beyond traditional security and surveillance roles. Here are some of the key applications:

Cinema and Documentary Production: The X27 is ideal for capturing high-quality footage in low-light conditions, making it perfect for cinematic and documentary filmmaking. Its ability to provide clear, color images in near-darkness adds a new dimension to night scenes, enhancing the visual storytelling​​.

Law Enforcement and Military Operations: In law enforcement and military contexts, the X27’s capabilities are invaluable for reconnaissance and surveillance, particularly in covert operations or situations where traditional lighting is unavailable or undesirable. The full-color imagery can aid in better identification and situational awareness​​.

Scientific Research and Astronomy: The sensor’s high sensitivity to low light makes it suitable for scientific research, including astrophotography and bio-imaging. Its ability to capture detailed images in low-light conditions is beneficial for studying celestial objects, wildlife, and microscopic subjects​​​​.

Medical Imaging and Microscopy: In medical fields, the X27 can be used for advanced imaging techniques, including bio-fluorescence and DNA sequencing. Its high-resolution imaging capabilities make it an excellent tool for microscopic studies and detailed medical diagnostics​​.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Drones: The X27’s compatibility with UAVs, drones, and other unmanned vehicles makes it a robust tool for aerial surveillance, research, and mapping in conditions with minimal light. Its gyro-stabilization feature ensures clear, stable footage even in challenging environments​​​​.

Underwater Imaging and Electro-Optical Image Blending: The X27 is also effective in underwater imaging, providing clear visibility in murky or dark underwater environments. Additionally, its capability to blend images with other electro-optical sensors enhances its utility in diverse environmental conditions​​.

Nature and Wildlife Observation: For wildlife enthusiasts and researchers, the X27 offers an unprecedented opportunity to observe and document nocturnal wildlife activities without disturbing the natural behavior of animals, thanks to its discreet, low-light imaging capabilities​​.

Infrared (IR) Detection: The sensor’s ability to detect IR lasers, pointers, markers, and illuminators further extends its use in various specialized applications, including security systems and advanced scientific research​​​​.

These applications demonstrate the X27’s versatility and its ability to revolutionize the way we capture and analyze images in low-light conditions across various industries and fields of study.

Full color night Vision security and surveillance camera

Full Color Night Vision Security Camera

The Full Color Night Vision Security Camera represents a significant advancement in surveillance technology, offering enhanced security capabilities for various applications, including residential, commercial, and public safety sectors. Unlike traditional monochrome night vision cameras that provide images in shades of green or grayscale, full color night vision cameras capture and display video in vivid, true-to-life colors, even in extremely low-light conditions. This feature is crucial for accurately identifying important details such as the color of clothing, vehicles, or other objects in a scene, which can be critical for security and investigative purposes.

Additionally, these cameras often come equipped with features like high-definition resolution, wide dynamic range, and noise reduction algorithms, further improving the image quality. The integration of AI-driven analytics for motion detection, facial recognition, and object tracking makes these cameras smarter and more proactive in security scenarios.

Full color night vision cameras are particularly useful in areas where maintaining color detail is essential for security, such as urban centers, critical infrastructure sites, and border security areas. Their ability to provide clear, color-accurate footage at night significantly enhances situational awareness and response capabilities, making them an indispensable tool in modern security setups.

Full color night vision integrated into a gimbal

Full Color Night Vision With Gimbal Stabilization For UAV, SUAS, and VTOL Integration

The integration of full color night vision with gimbal stabilization for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), SUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems), and VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) platforms represents a significant leap forward in aerial surveillance and reconnaissance technology. This combination offers unparalleled capabilities for military, law enforcement, and civilian applications.

Full color night vision provides exceptional image clarity and color differentiation in low-light conditions, vastly improving the operator’s ability to discern and identify objects and terrain features at night. When paired with advanced gimbal stabilization, these systems ensure smooth, high-quality footage even in challenging flight conditions.

This synergy enhances the effectiveness of UAVs and VTOL aircraft in various missions, ranging from search and rescue operations in difficult terrains to covert military operations requiring precise and clear visual intelligence. The integration of these technologies transforms night-time aerial surveillance, providing a level of detail and operational effectiveness that was previously unattainable.

colorvision integrated into full color night vision goggles

Full Color Night Vision Binoculars and Goggles

Full Color Night Vision Binoculars and Goggles represent a remarkable evolution in personal night vision equipment, offering a transformative experience for users in various fields such as military, law enforcement, wildlife observation, and recreational activities. Unlike traditional night vision devices that produce a monochrome image (typically green), these advanced binoculars and goggles provide clear, full-color imagery even in extremely low-light environments. This advancement significantly enhances the user’s ability to discern details and recognize features that would be difficult or impossible to see with standard night vision technology.

full color night vision drone image

Full Color Night Vision Drone/UAV Night Vision Image

At UAV1.com, we specialize in pioneering integration techniques that combine CMOS, thermal, and full color night vision technologies into a single, advanced UAV drone camera system. This state-of-the-art amalgamation harnesses the unique strengths of each imaging technology, providing a comprehensive solution that maximizes the capabilities of UAV surveillance and reconnaissance.

CMOS Technology: Our integration includes high-performance CMOS sensors, known for their excellent image quality and high resolution in a wide range of lighting conditions. This ensures clear and detailed daytime imagery, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Thermal Imaging: The addition of thermal imaging offers the ability to detect heat signatures, a crucial feature for operations in complete darkness or in scenarios where visibility is hindered by obstructions like smoke or foliage. This technology is indispensable for search and rescue missions, wildlife monitoring, and security operations.

Full Color Night Vision: The integration of full color night vision technology is a game-changer for operations in low-light conditions. It provides vivid, color-accurate imagery even during nighttime, significantly enhancing the capability to identify and recognize subjects and landscapes when compared to traditional monochrome night vision.

Full Color Night Vision Demonstration At Lake Tahoe At Night

Showcasing how the full color night vision technology operates in real-world conditions. This involves capturing the scenic beauty of Lake Tahoe under the cover of darkness, highlighting how the technology illuminates and enhances colors and details that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye at night.

ColorVision Demo Video At A Beach

Showcasing how the full color night vision technology operates in real-world conditions. Capturing colorvision and it’s use in salt-spray conditions

X27 video footage at midnight in the Utah Desert

This segment of the video focuses on the remarkable capabilities of the X27 full color night vision technology, set against the backdrop of the Utah Desert at midnight. The harsh and rugged terrain of the desert, typically engulfed in darkness at this hour, becomes a vivid landscape under the lens of the X27.

Illuminating the Night: Full Color vs. Gen 3 Night Vision – A Side-by-Side Comparison

Full Color Night Vision: This segment highlights the advanced capabilities of full color night vision, demonstrating how it captures vivid, true-to-life colors even in near-total darkness. The video illustrates the system’s ability to reveal detailed, colorful scenes that closely resemble natural daylight vision.

Gen 3 Night Vision: In contrast, Gen 3 night vision is shown utilizing its iconic green monochrome imagery. This comparison underscores the limitations of Gen 3 in terms of color perception and depth of detail, especially when juxtaposed with the full color system.

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